“He’s thinking……
An original thought burns through the atmosphere somewhere off to the right
He’s thinking that he should take his brain and stretch it across the head of a drum
And play a different beat than has ever been heard before but
There are miles to travel across America before that will be forgivable because
Distance is not measured in miles around here anymore and we’re all too delusional
To really try to make a difference or affect a change in the culture as we know it
But what is culture anyhow and do we really know what’s going on around us or do
We just believe what we’re told by the media
God bless the media
God bless America
God bless us each and every one

‘Cause God knows we need it
Like Ariel I’m in the cloven pine and I’ve been swallowed by something bigger than me
It’s feeding off of me and it’s bigger than it was before because
Now it’s got me, so,

Please, somebody, rescue me
‘Cause if the world’s the witch and the world is me then
Why am I am I stuck in this room and who’s

Left out there if I’m in here are there any other worlds besides me or
Am I all alone in this

Huge cathedral of space and stars with God somewhere out beyond the event horizon
Is it true that we’re just cerebellum
Run off of some electrical impulse somewhere and we’re

Just waiting for a car bomb to take us out of our misery to something
Better than what we don’t know

If it is than I still believe in Angels.”

~ as written back in the day by my nineteen year old self.